How to Keep Your Cloth Seats Clean

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How to Keep Your Cloth Seats Clean

When spending time in your car each day, it can be easy for dirt and stains to accumulate due to the frequent use of the vehicle. Those who have cloth seats may notice that the material becomes dingy over time, which can affect the overall quality and comfort of the interior setting. If you want to keep your cloth seats clean and looking new, there are a few important tips to follow as a car owner.

Keep a Towel Under the Seat

Make it a rule to avoid eating in the car if possible to prevent spills and messes that can occur while operating the vehicle. Without food in the car, you can also prevent crumbs and sauces from accumulating on the seats. If you’re on a road trip or are in need of a snack and are far from home, opt for using a towel that can be placed under your seat to place in your lap. The towel will catch any crumbs or sauces that are spilled to protect the cloth upholstery. If you want to drink beverages in the vehicle, use sealed containers that will reduce the risk of spillage.

Cover the Seats

Covering the seats is an effective way of keeping them clean over time without worrying about wear or grime forming. Seat covers can be added, which are comfortable and can complement the styling of the interior setting. Different types of materials, color shades, and prints are available to choose from when selecting the right product. The seat covers can also be used to offer back support and improve your posture while spending time behind the wheel.

Vacuum the Seats Regularly

Vacuuming the seats is essential to remove dirt that forms throughout the week and prevent it from settling into the fibers of the cloth material. Use a handheld vacuum that can be stored in your trunk to make it easy to clean the seats while on the go to prevent candy or other types of food particles from leaving behind permanent stains.

Remove Clutter

Many people use their vehicle as a place to store their personal items while spending time traveling. Unfortunately, clutter that accumulates can cause the cloth seats to become damaged when they have contact with the products or equipment that are left in the vehicle. Make it a point to remove clutter each week by emptying the front and backseat of shoes, sporting equipment, or work supplies that you’ve been transporting.

Detail the Car

Detailing your vehicle is an important part of caring for it as the owner to ensure that it maintains its appeal and value over the years. Detailing the car will remove dirt on the seats, as well as other surfaces where dirt has settled, which can circulate. Detailing involves vacuuming and shampooing the seats to brighten their color shade and thoroughly remove dirt that is present.

Apply a Fabric Protector

Fabric protectors are designed to seal the cloth upholstery to ensure that stains and dirt don’t settle into the fibers. A dealership can apply a fabric protector on your seats, or you can do it yourself with a high-quality product that will make it easier to clean the upholstery every few months periodically.

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